our story

Entier – an old French word meaning ‘whole’ or ‘entire’, is the inspiration behind the restaurant’s nose-to-tail culinary approach. Steering clear of white table linens with an avant-garde approach to the aesthetics, Entier celebrates the joy of wine and dine with a communal dining experience.


Committed to people, plate and the planet, our team believes that a good dish is not simply made up of the best cuts, and the integrity of the ingredients can be protected. Our menu? It is the labour of a constant quest for quality French cuisine through interactions with our creations, food growers and suppliers, wine producers, diners and our location.


With a keen interest in presenting the best of the Malaysian terroir and our region, Chef Masashi presents creative French fare with quality seasonal produce, from logical sources near or far. Reflecting the nose-to-tail philosophy, Entier’s menu features dishes highlighting specific parts of the animal or vegetable ingredient, or signatures served as a whole.

interior design

Conceptualized and executed by Shanghai-based architectural design practice Neri & Hu, Entier’s interior design focuses on the ‘social’ element of its sharing concept. A spatial experience created with a deep understanding on the use of materiality, the design approach was largely inspired by the nave of a church – a place where the concept of communal gathering is celebrated.


A charming Italian Ceppo stone unifies the main dining room with an ash wood middle island accented with brass inserts, while earthy and warm hues run through the entire space evoking an intimate and gentle ambiance. The impression of fullness or entirety, as inspired by the old French word ‘entier’, subtly springs up at various parts of the restaurant through its fittings of customized round-shaped lamps, mirror inserts, coffee table, and table placemats.